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Why You Should Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist

Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth.  Orthodontists understand the complexity of growth development and facial form.  There’s a reason orthodontists go to additional years of highly competitive orthodontic school – to learn and perfect their ability in...

Pac-Man Arcade Giveaway

We are successful because of patients like you! If you know someone who might benefit from orthodontic treatment, please let them know about us! If you refer someone to our office and they complete a complimentary consultation, your name will be entered into the...

Braces do not mean being stuck on the sidelines!

We treat many patients who are active in sports. You can keep playing any sport you are involved in at school or in your community while on your orthodontic journey. You will need to be careful to not damage your braces, or injure your teeth or mouth, especially if...

Three reasons you should follow us!

Do you follow us on Facebook or Instagram yet? Here are 3 reasons why you should: 1. Because you love us!  Many of you are part of our family! When you follow us, you’ll see what we are up to and enjoy our journey with us! After all, we love to keep our patients and...

Virtual Traveling Hassey 2020

EVEN IF YOU'RE STUCK AT HOME, YOU CAN STILL VIRTUALLY TRAVEL THE WORLD ... AND WIN AWESOME PRIZES!  Since it's not safe to travel this summer, we're doing things a little differently. Get creative and travel the world, virtually! Step 1. Download your Traveling...

Our patients’ health is our top priority!

Our patients’ health is our top priority. We strive to keep everyone safe, patients and team members, while continuing to provide quality orthodontic care. Rest assured that any infection control precautions and changes are designed for your protection and that of our...

It’s never too late to achieve a healthy, confident smile!

You only have one smile, and if you’ve spent your life feeling unhappy or self-conscious about how your teeth look or function, now’s the time to look into improving your oral health. It’s never too late to achieve a healthy, confident smile! Orthodontic treatment has...

Nebula Projector Giveaway

We strive to earn your referrals by being the best part of your day and providing you with the highest level of care. As they say, a referral is the best compliment you can give. Fortunately for our patients, a referral can also increase your chances of winning! To...

Indications your child should have an orthodontic check-up.

The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children have their first orthodontic check-up at the age of seven. Some indications your child should have an orthodontic check-up include: Irregular, late or early loss of primary (baby teeth) Teeth that...

COVID-19 Office Protocols

We are very happy to be able to get back to work and see our patients who we have missed over the past few months! We would like to update you on our new office protocols and the steps we are taking to ensure we do everything possible to keep our patients and our team...

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