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Electric Bike Giveaway

Give your family and friends something to smile about! If you know someone who might benefit from orthodontic treatment, please let them know about us! If you refer someone to our office who completes their complimentary consultation, BOTH of your names will be...

Treatment Financing

We never want finances to stand in the way of quality treatment, which is why we are dedicated to providing our patients with care that is both effective and affordable. We will happily work with your insurance provider and make sure you understand your insurance...


Braces can help create a confident smile, they can also reduce your chance of experiencing oral health problems in the future. Taking care of your teeth while you have braces is vital for many reasons. Brushing and flossing help remove food and bacteria that can lead...

Dr Hassey cares.

Dr. Hassey is a father of four. He understands that as a parent, you want the best for your child(ren). This includes healthy teeth and jaws and a pleasing smile. Dr. Hassey’s recommendations are always based on the best interests of your child. At Camino Real...

Nintendo Switch Giveaway

Spread the word, share the smiles! Refer your family and friends for a complimentary consultation and you'll both be entered into the Nintendo Switch Giveaway! As a bonus, you'll also get rewarded 50 points in the hub! There is no limit to the number of referrals. The...

The Waveriders Club

You might be thinking that seven seems young for braces, and most often, you’d be right! Our patients who come in for an appointment at this age rarely leave with braces. The first appointment evaluates your child’s dental development and health, the visits that follow are meant to identify growth issues and prevent more severe orthodontic complications from developing.

Why You Should Choose a Board Certified Orthodontist

Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth.  Orthodontists understand the complexity of growth development and facial form.  There’s a reason orthodontists go to additional years of highly competitive orthodontic school – to learn and perfect their ability in...

Pac-Man Arcade Giveaway

We are successful because of patients like you! If you know someone who might benefit from orthodontic treatment, please let them know about us! If you refer someone to our office and they complete a complimentary consultation, your name will be entered into the...

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