Achieving a perfect smile is much easier nowadays, thanks to the advancements in orthodontic technology. It is now possible for dental professionals to offer innovative treatments that provide convenience, comfort and remarkable results. 

Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic solution which has gained tremendous popularity in recent years due to its benefits for dental health. Its discreet appearance, comfort and convenience make it an appealing option for people of all ages, whether they are adults seeking a more confident smile or teenagers looking for a less conspicuous orthodontic treatment. 

How long does it take Invisalign to work, and is it possible to shorten the treatment period? Keep on reading to know.


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear and removable aligners to straighten teeth and address dental concerns effectively. What sets Invisalign apart from traditional braces is its ability to offer a more discreet and comfortable method for achieving a beautifully aligned smile. 

The most notable difference between Invisalign and braces is their appearance. The latter prominently feature metal brackets and wires fixed to the teeth. In contrast, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible when worn. They are made of transparent, BPA-free plastic, which allows the natural color of the patient’s teeth to show through. 

Another significant difference is the treatment process itself. Invisalign treatment involves a series of specifically crafted aligners to shift the teeth into their desired positions gradually. Each one is worn for one to two weeks before being replaced with the next set in the series. This progression allows for controlled movement of the teeth throughout the treatment period. 

In contrast, traditional braces use brackets and wires that are adjusted periodically by the orthodontist to guide the teeth into proper alignment. While this has remained one of the prominent procedures in teeth straightening for several decades, Invisalign is quickly becoming the primary option due to its convenience and reliability.


What Is The Average Duration of Invisalign Treatment?

On average, it takes approximately 12 to 18 months to complete an Invisalign treatment. However, this timeframe can be shorter or longer depending on the following factors:


Misalignment Severity

The severity of misalignment is a primary consideration when estimating the duration of Invisalign treatment. The more severe the case, the longer it may take to achieve the desired results. Below is an average timeframe for each level of severity:

  • Mild Misalignment: If the teeth require minimal adjustments, the treatment duration may be shorter, ranging from a few months to around six months.
  • Moderate Misalignment: This refers to cases with more significant spacing or crowding issues where treatment can last 12 to 18 months.
  • Severe Misalignment: This involves complex dental issues, such as large gaps or major rotations. In these cases, the treatment duration with Invisalign may be longer, often exceeding 18 months. 

Individual Treatment Goals

Each patient has goals that can significantly influence the duration of their Invisalign treatment. The treatment duration with Invisalign is often shorter for individuals whose primary goal is to achieve cosmetic enhancements, such as straightening mildly misaligned teeth or closing small gaps. This is because the modifications required are relatively minor, and the aligners can move the teeth into their desired positions within a few months.

However, the treatment duration becomes more prolonged if the goal involves addressing bite issues or functional improvements. The reason for this is the treatment plan may include multiple stages, more aligner sets and frequent clinical visits to address the complexity of the dental issues.

Patient Compliance

Patient compliance refers to the extent to which an individual follows the prescribed instructions provided by the orthodontist during Invisalign treatment. This includes wearing the aligners for the recommended duration each day, maintaining proper oral hygiene and attending follow-up appointments. Failure to comply with the directives can significantly impact treatment progress.

Overall Oral Health

Before starting Invisalign treatment, the orthodontist typically comprehensively evaluates the patient’s oral health. This assessment helps identify any pre-existing oral health issues. If untreated, these conditions can complicate the treatment process and may require addressing before starting or continuing with Invisalign. 

Also, poor oral health may require interruptions to the procedure while the Invisalign treatment is ongoing. If a patient develops cavities or gum disease, the orthodontist may need to temporarily halt the Invisalign treatment to address the conditions effectively. For this reason, it’s crucial to maintain good oral health practices for a smooth and efficient Invisalign treatment process.


Can You Shorten Invisalign Treatment Time?

While it’s not possible to drastically shorten the treatment time, there are a few ways to optimize the process:

  • Attend Follow-up Appointments: Regularly attending appointments with the orthodontist is crucial for monitoring progress. These meetings allow the orthodontist to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment and ensure that it stays on track toward the desired goals.
  • Proper Care: Maintaining good aligner hygiene is vital to prevent complications and interruptions in treatment. Following the orthodontist’s instructions for cleaning the aligners, such as using the recommended cleaning solutions and avoiding exposure to hot water, help maintain their effectiveness and reduce the likelihood of replacements.
  • Compliance with Aligner Wear: Adhering to the recommended wear time is crucial for the aligners to exert the necessary forces on the teeth. Consistently wearing the aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day, as instructed by the orthodontist, can help ensure optimal progress and potentially prevent treatment delays.

In addition, accelerated treatment options can potentially shorten the overall duration of orthodontic procedures. When it comes to Invisalign, two notable options are AcceleDent® and Propel®. These technologies work in conjunction with Invisalign aligners to enhance tooth movement and potentially reduce treatment time.


Transform Your Smile with Invisalign at Camino Real Orthodontics

Invisalign offers a convenient and discreet alternative to traditional braces, allowing patients to achieve straighter teeth and a more confident smile. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “How long does it take Invisalign to work?”, the average treatment duration ranges from 6 to 18 months, and good dental practices can help streamline the overall process. 

The duration of treatment is essential, but the ultimate goal is to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. With its innovative technology and personalized approach, Invisalign offers a path toward achieving that goal. So, if you’re considering Invisalign, consult an experienced orthodontist who can evaluate your unique needs and guide you through the treatment journey. Contact Camino Real Orthodontics today.