Poolside, plane-side, mountain-side or anywhere you may be… No matter how you choose to spend your summer, it is important to keep your orthodontic treatment on track by caring for your braces.

Keep your summertime treats braces-friendly. Remember all the general rules of eating with braces. Avoid anything crunchy, chewy, or sticky, and do not forget to brush after every meal and snack. Try not to feel too bad about having to avoid goodies like popcorn and ribs, because you will still have plenty of delicious classics to dig into, like coleslaw, potato salad, jello, grilled hot dogs, and ice cream, which are all orthodontist-approved! If you can manage to make smart choices even in the face of all that summer holiday temptation, you will be rewarded by the huge payout that comes at the end of your treatment, when we unveil your beautiful brand new smile on time!

it is also important to maintain your usual brushing and flossing routine. Be sure and brush your teeth after every meal and snack, brush and floss thoroughly before bed. While taking it easy is expected (and even encouraged) during summer break, for the sake of your smile, your oral hygiene routine should be the one thing you keep on track.

Whatever your summer plans include, we hope they are full of the kind of fun with friends and family that lead to a lifetime of good memories.

Happy Summer Break from Camino Real Orthodontics