It’s May! The weather’s getting warmer, flowers are blooming, and it’s the perfect time to focus on your smile. While a healthy, beautiful smile is something to value year-round, there are special reasons to consider an orthodontic checkup during this month.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists are specialized dentists who focus on diagnosing, preventing, and correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. They use a variety of treatments like braces, clear aligners, and other appliances to help you achieve a beautiful and functional smile.

Why You Need Orthodontic Checkups

Regular orthodontic checkups are vital for a few reasons:

  • Early Problem Detection: Orthodontists catch potential issues early when they’re easiest to treat. This can prevent more complicated problems down the road.
  • Treatment Progress Monitoring: If you’re already in orthodontic treatment, checkups let the orthodontist monitor progress and make adjustments for optimal results.
  • Maintain Oral Health: Orthodontists help ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy throughout treatment.

Why May is a Great Time

May offers several advantages for orthodontic checkups:

  • Summer Scheduling: Summer is a popular time for starting orthodontic treatment. A May checkup can get you set up for a summer start, ahead of the rush!
  • School Break Utilization: If you’re a student, take advantage of summer break for appointments, adjustments, or starting treatment.
  • National Orthodontic Health Month: May is National Orthodontic Health Month, so there might be special offers or promotions from your local orthodontist.

What to Expect at a Checkup

An orthodontic checkup typically involves:

  • Examination: The orthodontist examines your teeth, jaws, and bite.
  • X-rays: They may take X-rays to get a more in-depth look at your orthodontic situation.
  • Consultation: Discuss your smile goals and if treatment is necessary.

Find an Orthodontist

If you don’t have an orthodontist yet, you can:

  • Seek a Referral: Ask your dentist for recommendations
  • Check the American Association of Orthodontists website: https://www.aaoinfo.org/

Get That Smile Glowing!

Don’t let another May pass by without investing in your smile. Schedule an orthodontic checkup today and get on the path to a healthy, confident grin you’ll love for years to come.